About Us

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Quality Statement

Cunningpac is committed to producing a consistently high quality of service at competitive prices. Our objective is to facilitate the production of organic and natural skincare, cosmetic and cleaning products at prices that make them accessible to the average consumer while complying with all requirements set by organizations regulating the industry.


We do adhere strictly to GMP. Some of our customerís products are Ecocert accredited. Cunningpac has been audited as part of the accreditation process and has been passed to manufacture these products. We are happy for our customers to carry out thorough inspections of our operating procedures and systems provided there is no compromise to confidentiality of our existing customerís property.

Product development

We are able to assist our customers in all aspects of product development including formulation development, fine-tuning of existing formulations, upscaling and downscaling. We also represent a vast amount of experience in packaging doís and donítís.